studio collaborator at muf architecture/art

muf years: 2004-5


Visual artist working predominantly in the

public realm to explore the complex

relationship between people and place.




"I came to work there back in beginning

2004 as I was going mad invigilating at

the Whitechapel Gallery, newly graduated

from a Fine Art Sculpture degree. I saw an

advert on the notice board looking for an

assistant to work within a studio "who

would be prepared to do a wide variety of

tasks and jump in". I called from the toilet

and feigned period pains, left the gallery

to go for an interview with Ashley and

Katherine and got the job. This assisting

then turned into 3/4 days a week of

working closely with Katherine, devising,

developing and delivering a variety of art

projects and consultation work. I had a

great time working at muf, bloody loved



It was an education and I have worked

with a fair few from the family tree since

so I like to think there's still many

connections there."