studio collaborator at muf architecture/art

muf years: 1999


Head of the School of Art and Design at Somerset College, and co-founder of design-duo NEAT. His creative practice is aligned somewhere between traditional

graphic design and experimental typography.



"I can remember working the different

muf studios, firstly in Clerkenwell Road

and thereafter in Central Street – there was

always someone new visiting,

collaborating, sharing the facilities or

borrowing something. Project dialogue

was often punctuated with reports of

break-ins and computers being stolen.

After each incident the computers would

be upgraded (courtesy of the different

insurance companies). This resulted in

muf always having the latest Apple

computers. Security was tightened after

each incident and finally the new

computers were entombed in impenetrable

steel cases. Working in the studios was

always interesting; it was always busy,

lots of coming and going like working in a

heavily fortified 24-hour garage."