Showcased by Cabe as a model of inclusive design and exhibited at Somerset House as part of the Mayor's 100 public spaces exhibition 


Winner of the European Prize
for Urban Space 2008 


Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, 2008



muf Team

Katherine Clarke, Liza Fior, Alison Crawshaw, Mark Lemanski, Sarah Whiting



Time Frame

The square was commissioned in January 2005 and delivered in 3 phases.


Phase 1: 

Completed September 2007


Phase 2:
Completion August 2009


Phase 2:

Completion December 2010


£2 million plus £3,00,000 for commissions outside the main contract




Redrow Regeneration Ltd on behalf of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham




Ardmore Construction ltd



Contract types

Phase 1: JCT 1998 Standard Form of Building Contract with Contractors Design

(JCT98wCD) plus amendments


Phase 2: JCT 2005 Design Build Contract (DB05) including revision 1: 2007 plus Amendments


Barking Town Square public realm was delivered through a number of separate

contracts, each with an independent team of consultants. muf worked with these

simultaneously in different roles.


Permanent Art Commission (Phase 1):

Designer, muf architecture/art LLP
(lead consultant)

Structural engineer: Atelier One


Phase 1 Public Realm:

Architects of the public realm:
muf architecture/art LLP (lead consultant)

Architects of the adjacent buildings: AHMM

Services engineer: Atelier Ten

Structural and civil engineers: Buro Happold


Phase 2 Public Realm:

Architects of the public realm:
muf architecture/art LLP

Architects of the adjacent buildings, AHMM (lead consultant)


Structural and civils engineer:

Beattie Watkinson

Services engineer: Atelier Ten

Services engineer (post transfer of services): CPC

CDM, Tweeds

Arborcultural consultant:

Arups Landscape (sub-consultant to muf)

Horticultural consultant:

Julie Bixley (sub-consultant to muf)



Commissions outside the main contract


Coordinator: muf architecture/art LLP

(lead consultant)


Literary consultant: Urban Words,

Yemisi Blake


Product design: Platform Two,

Royal College of Art


Graphic design: Axel Feldmann, Objectif


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